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black mold dangers

Black mold is a common culprit when it comes to unexplained illnesses such as persistent headaches and migraines. What makes this mold such a devious danger is the fallout of black mold poisoning can often be attributed to common viruses and lifestyle sicknesses. This means patients could have constant headaches caused by black mold, but [.]

Any type of mold in a home can cause serious health issues in those who are at risk but one of the most dangerous types is Stachybotrys.

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Unfortunately, the dangers of mold are not limited to respiratory symptoms. People may suffer depression, fatigue, nausea, headaches and even skin rashes. People may also be more susceptible to opportunistic infections, especially people with respiratory or immune system disorders.

Toxic black mold can cause permanent damage to your health. In extreme cases toxic black mold has even lead to death. Because of the serious health effects toxic black mold can cause, if you find it in your home you need to take steps to get it removed immediately. The longer you are around toxic black mold, the more it will damage your health.

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Black mold can be just as dangerous for pets as it is humans. In some cases, pets such as cats and dogs may be even more susceptible to getting sick from black mold due to their overall time spent in the home in some cases being more significant than their owners.

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The chain reaction can start at anytime with exposure to Black Mold. Black Mold leads to Anxiety and Cortisol or Adrenal Gland issues like adrenal fatigue, low cortisol, or high cortisol. Basically Black mold harms the adrenal glands and when this happen anxiety, depression and other mental issues including psychosis can prevail.

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