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Don’t Just Write What You Know—Write What You Feel

 · Put a star next to FIVE emotions that you feel that you can can tell a story about.. Write what you know Write what you know. "Write What You Know" by Low-T (Parody of "Black and Yellow.

I’ll just write out the transcript here for you: Tan: Does your mom date?’ pete: I’m trying to get her to. Tan: How do you.

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Always thank the person who holds the door for you. Be positive even when you don’t feel like being positive. Try to stay as consistent as possible. Don’t be nice to the people you work with and then come home and treat your kids like shit. Be there for the little things in your kid’s lives.

Or feel. It doesn't have to make someone think or.. You can write what you don 't know, what you want to know, need to know, Just write.

 · You want to share just enough to hook the reader without giving too much away and without veering into book report territory. Give a bit more background on the plot outlined on the book’s jacket, and focus on any elements that you feel particularly strongly about or you think that your readers will want to be aware of. Avoid spoilers

Here are her practical tips on how to mix it up: Live out your fantasies – “Each write your. “It’s just one part of it – a.

Just. you want to write from. If you’re stuck, chances are it’s because you don’t know which part of you wants to tell the story, or voice the information. Writing is about being aware of two.

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